Service & Repairs

Looking for a second opinion?

Having issues or failed an inspection? Bet your current provider gave you a quote to fix it but you’re just thinking “This seems like a lot” maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, let’s find out? Give us a call and we’ll get one of our technicians to come out to give you advice on the best way to proceed with the fire alarm or fire suppression system repairs and give you another quote so you can be sure you’re getting a fair deal.

Ultra Fire adopts a full life-cycle approach in working with our customers to provide the right solution for their needs. What’s good for us has to be good for you also, we aren’t trying to make a quick buck through charging random fees on top of what we quote. What we quote is what we quote and if that changes we will consult you. We are trying to build a life long relationship with your business and that only happens through being open, honest and fair.

Sick of constant maintenance?

We find a lot of businesses banging their heads against the wall (not always literally) constantly battling with issues like false activations, corroding fire alarm and fire suppression system components and never ending service bills as most companies just repair and replace what is there and move on. Maybe its time to look at a better fire protection solution, we don’t just repair and replace, if there is a repeating issue you’re constantly facing our team will not just band-aid it, they will supply you with options fix it once and for all if it’s possible. Just because it has always been that way doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Contact one of our Service Team and get them to design a solution to suit you and end the constant maintenance.